All You Need Baseball — Weekly Baseball Podcast

All You Need Baseball – Your Weekly Podcast For All Things Baseball Related

The internet has made many previous institutions obsolete. For the most part, the internet has brought us a lot of new and exciting things. However, institutions like broadcast television and radio have lost popularity over the years. That does not mean that radio is obsolete, though. More and more radio announcers have turned to the art of podcasting. All You Need Baseball provides you with the best in baseball news with a predictable schedule. Our podcast happens once a week at a predictable time and day and without the static and annoying interruptions of commercials. From local little league news to Major League baseball updates, you will hear all about it on this podcast.

AYN Baseball Origins

All You Need Baseball was created by Mick Mitchell of Orangeburg, South Carolina. He began his career in radio after receiving a communications major from South Carolina State University. During his tenure there, he was required to help out at the campus radio station. Combining his love of baseball and his passion for radio, he created his own radio hour which followed the Gamecocks during their season. Because he loved hosting his own show about sports so much, he decided that he would try his hand at a podcast once he left college.

About the Podcast

You can tune in to AYN Podcast every Thursday at 8 pm. Podcasts are readily available at a lower bit-rate feed for all listeners, and we are working on a higher bit-rate feed to come out soon.

Segments included on our podcast are:

  • The Baseball Trivia Corner: With facts that could trump even the most seasoned baseball fanatic
  • Major League Baseball News
  • Minor League Baseball News
  • Major League Player Profile of the Week
  • Minor League Player Profile of the Week
  • “Stump The Chump”: Where Mick takes live calls with your hard baseball-related questions.
  • And much more!

All You Need Baseball is available on iTunes, Podcast Republic, Soundcloud, and will be made available to stream on this website. Listening is free, as always, and spreading the word helps our podcast get out there. Thank you to all of our listeners who have spread the word about our site, and many thanks to our sponsors who have helped to make this dream a reality.

Want to learn more? Have a question for Mick? Contact AYK Baseball. Thank you for your Patronage!